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05 03 2014

Pwy yw Marcel Schwob?

Dyn y dyfodol?

Byddwn yn ychwanegu deunydd am Marcel Schwob i’r tudalen hwn. Marcel Schwob yw’r gŵr arbennig, amlieithog sydd wedi ein hysbrydoli i fynd ati i dynnu sylw at glasuron modern y dylid eu darllen doed a ddelo.

Darllenwch yr erthygl Marcel Schwob: a man of the future yng nghylchgrawn 3am magazine:

‘Historian and biographer Pierre Champion once characterized French writer Marcel Schwob (1867-1905) as “a man of the future.” It seems an odd assessment of a man who insistently looked to the past. Born into a family of rabbis and doctors, Schwob’s life was strongly marked by an obsessive fascination with bygone historical epochs: he studied Sanskrit; translated Catullus, Defoe, and Shakespeare…’

Ceir cyfweliad gydag un o gyfieithwyr cyfoes Marel Schwob yn y Paris Review:

‘He was a very important figure during his lifetime. He was friends with and influenced many other writers. But he’s virtually unknown in the Americas. Why do you think he’s remained so obscure?’

‘There are so many answers to that question, none of which are “right.” But the source of that obscurity may be related to what I was just talking about, which is that no one, to my understanding, had really pursued composition as recycling, as collage, in the same way that he did. Which is, now, a principle method of composition, in the postmodern age.’